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People masterminds

Mastery of your human business

A strong people and culture strategy is key for successful growth. People Masterminds inspires you to make people fall and stay in love with your company and culture. 

Are you ready to show some guts, embrace new ideas and amaze your team? Welcome to our platform! We’re here to challenge you to think differently. We’ll inspire and coach you. Pull up your sleeves and set a people and culture strategy that really works, so you can scale fast and strong. Let’s master your human business.


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Podcast ‘1-page contract’ (In dutch)

Kristel and Eveliese discuss the opportunity to create and implement a 1-page employment contract with Dutch employment lawyer Daniel Maats.

Podcast ‘unlimited holidays’ (in dutch)

You’ve probably heard and read a lot about it. But how to make unlimited holidays a true success and what about the practicalities? Kristel is getting interviewed by Eveliese.

masterclasss ‘1-page contract’ (in DUTCH & english)

Inspired by the idea of creating a 1-page employment contract? During this masterclass you'll discover the roadmap to deliver this awesome piece of documentation.

What they say..

I got to know Eveliese and Kristel as people centered women who truly understand the HR business and are capable to address people topics strategically. They are innovative, independent thinkers and know what really works in order to bring your company to the next level.
The way Kristel and Eveliese strategically move toward their goals to empower people and enrich culture is an inspiration to me. For me whenever I think about people culture it’s not ‘what would Google do?’ but ‘what would Kristel and Eveliese do?’
— Tim Lorijn (Financial Director, Label A)
Our passion is to match people with companies but we truly believe that this can only be sustainable by a strong cultural fit. That’s why we embrace the innovative ideas of Kristel and Eveliese; challenge people and let them empower your company and culture! With the both of them in People Masterminds it can only be a success story!
— Anne Marie Bakker en Bonne de Wildt (Managing partners bij Vroom & Van den Heuvel/Levels)